Tours arround Morocco


Morocco Shiny Days

We are a travel company that organizes private tours in Morocco. These cover all major cities as well as other locations along the Moroccan coast, the Atlas Mountains and the majestic Sahara. If you are interested, contact Morocco Shiny Days directly. They offer great trips all over Morocco.
For many, if not all, first-time visitors, Morocco's main attractions are the imperial cities, the ancient medinas, the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains. But despite the rich history, natural beauty in the desert and the mountains, the beauty, the charm and the fascination can also be found along Morocco's coasts. After all, Morocco is blessed with 1,200 miles of coastline on the Atlantic and Mediterranean, along with year-round warm weather. The summer temperatures along the coast are between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius, just right for enjoying your vacation.